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Local Stats & Information



+ There are at least 2,000 people in Nebraska who are forced to work as prostitutes. This does not include those trafficked through Nebraska or those transported in for big events. (source: University of Nebraska at Lincoln)

+ Police believe more than 30 pimps are operating in the Omaha area with others constantly traveling in and out of the metro area. (source: FBI/KETV News)

+ The existence of Interstate 80 and Interstate 29 coupled with internet sex advertising makes the metro area vulnerable to trafficking; leading to the occurence of trafficking in Nebraska and Iowa on a regular basis. (source: Al Rikowski - Nebraska Human Trafficking Task force)

+ What was discovered by the task force was a flourishing sex trade in Nebraska. There is an apparent large demand which creates opportunity for large amounts of money to be made. (source: Nebraska Human Trafficking Task Force)

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+ An estimated 27 million people are held in slavery worldwide, meaning there are more slaves in the world now than were taken from Africa during 300 years of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. (Source: A21)

+ The sale of human beings is the third largest illicit trade following drugs and weapons, however, it’s growing at a faster than both of these. Additionally, an estimated 50% of trafficking victims are children and 80% are women. (Source: A-21)

+ The average age of trafficking victims is 12-14. (Source: A21)

+ There are over one million children entering the sex trade every year. (Source: UNICEF)

+ A pimp can make $150,000-$200,000 per child each year and the average pimp has 4-6 girls. (Source: U.S. Justice Department, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children)

+ Human Trafficking is a $32 Billion/year industry, bringing in more revenue than the NFL, NBA, and MLB combined.


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